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.io后缀域名是英属印度洋领地 British Indian Ocean Territory 的简写,因可以被理解为"Input & Output"从而受到很多互联网公司及从业人员的喜爱,但最近却因一些原因,部分网站放弃.io域名启用.net或其它ccLTDs后缀域名。如draw.io启用,ThinkPrivacy.io启用ThinkPrivacy.ch和。

Draw.io官网声明 will slowly transition to become during 2020 for security reasons. Nothing will change for you, apart from seeing a different URL and logo. will continue to serve the application correctly, we won’t even redirect you.


Over the course of 2020, will transition to In the process, we have also secured The .net and .io domains will immediatly begin forwarding to .ch.


  1. 英属印度洋领地带有英国帝国主义殖民色彩。

The first is that the islands which should own the domain suffix, don’t, thanks to a wonderful piece of modern day British Imperialism. If you ever feel the need to donate to us, please give it to a more worthy cause.

.io域名属于印度洋领地,查戈斯群岛(Chagos Islands)应为.io域名的利益所有者,但查戈斯群岛人并未从中受益,类似的ccLTD域名后缀如.tv、.me都让图瓦卢和塞尔维亚从中受益;自1966到1973年间,查戈斯群岛上的约2000名居民从生活了数百年的家园被驱逐出去,“强制移民”到塞舌尔和毛里求斯,他们的生活从此一落千丈,许多人还因此自杀,目前这些岛民中只有500人还在世(来源于百度百科)。

  1. .io域名存在安全问题。

Secondly, there was a security issue with the .io domain. In 2017, a researcher managed to take control of four of the seven authoritative name servers for the .io domain. We accept that mistakes can happen, strong processes limit the chances of them happening, but they still can.

However, the domain administrator made no attempt, at any time, to communicate with anyone about the issue. We’ve no evidence to suggest there is anything to be worried about, but the complete lack of communications means we have lost trust in whoever controls .io domains.



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